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Financials Growth…Ultimate Flexipack

As the world’s leading manufacturer of Poly films, we aim for long-term, profitable growth. To achieve this, we are committed to operational excellence, innovation and investment in growth markets. Our actions are guided by sustainable development. Our guidelines and principles summarize, how we intend to achieve our corporate goals and to establish and implement our values within the company. We benefit from our broad portfolio, operational excellence and solid financing. At Ultimate Flexipack, economic considerations do not take priority over safety, health and environmental protection. Through innovations, we distinguish ourselves from our competitors and shape the future. We concentrate our research and commercial focus on innovative business areas and invest in growth markets at an early stage.

We constantly work on improving our sites, plants and processes and are continuing with our restructuring and cost-cutting measures.

We are increasing investments in research and development, because we consider innovations to be the key to profitable growth. Our focus is on developing solutions for global challenges, with a particular emphasis on future markets and technologies with high growth potential.

Year Annual Turnover (Rs. )
2020-21 733 Cr
2019-20 714 Cr
2018-19 699 Cr
2017-18 581 Cr
2016-17 637 Cr